Monday, October 4, 2010

An Ode to Jeremy Smith (and Billy Clark Taylor)

I am so fortunate to know Jeremy, who is the boyfriend and partner another Spitfire Grill (Roanoke Version) alumni, Billy Clark Taylor. Billy played my husband, Caleb, and let me just say: this boy can SANG. For those of you not in musical theatre, to be able to sing is one thing, but to sang, with an A, means you are at a different level. Billy has an amazingly beautiful and smooth voice, something that you honestly don't hear much of anymore. People don't write ballads for men anymore, unless they're pop-rock, power ballads. You should absolutely go to his website and give a listen and enjoy!
Me, Billy and Jeremy

So I met Jeremy during my stint in Roanoke, and Jeremy and Billy have the distinction of being the only other couple I know, besides the DBF and myself, that is a Corporate Lawyer and Actor Couple. In fact, at their most recent party, I almost got myself into trouble. The DBF had told me some "insider information" about the law world and some changes in workforce and allegiances, and had said to me "don't tell anyone about this". Well of course, when he said that, my thought was "Who would I talk to that would even remotely care!" A few nights later we happened to be at Billy and Jeremy's for a wonderful party, and I remember from somewhere in the cavities in my brain, that I actually have something interesting in the law world to talk about, so launch into a conversation with Jeremy about this law-gossip. Of course I couldn't keep all my facts straight and called the DBF to clear some things up, and he gently reminded me "Remember the thing that I told you not to talk about with anyone?" and we laughed. Now instead when he shares law-gossip he says "Don't tell Jeremy". It's much clearer.

But Jeremy has got the DBF beat on the Lawyer Actor Powercouple standpoint in one major way: he is a huge fan of Musical Theatre. Long before he met Billy, he was already collecting as many recordings of musicals as he could get his hands on. And when I say he's got almost all of them... he actually has a recording of almost every musical theatre production that ever did get recorded! Anytime I am looking for something obscure, or even not obscure, to learn for an audition or to get my hands on for reference sake, I know I can turn to Jeremy and Billy!

Jeremy and Billy also are two of my favorite people because they love food just as much as I do! In fact, Billy can attest that when I was doing Spitfire, I was not nearly the athlete that I am now training for the marathon. He was the one going to the gym every day to work out before coming to rehearsal or performance! But Billy knew then what I know now: you can't love food as much as the three of us do and not work out semi-regularly (and the truth of this statement goes exponentially higher the further you get away from 25!) I love hanging out with the two of them because I know we will always enjoy a fantastic meal, and if they are hosting, I know there will be delicious foods and baked goods!

I am just happy to be around them. They are a lovely couple, and they are strong and loyal to each other and the people they choose to call friends. I am humbled and honored by Jeremy's generous donation. The only thing we're missing is some desert. ;)

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