Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An Ode to Alex Pearlman

Who is no relation to David Perlman, aside from both being my friends and wonderful! ;)

If I have learned anything from writing these blogs, it's that I need to take better photographic evidence of my exploits and my fabulous friends. I can barely find a single picture of Alex and I together!

But you already saw Alex in a previous post about Nathan, and here we are with our good friend Joel...

Alex is another dear Ragtime friend, as well as a Who's Tommy friend. When searching for pictures, I went through the Ragtime pictures again, and I will say what I have said before, that show changed my life. I loved every person in that show with such an abandon, and I am forever grateful for that experience. And to have the opportunity to work with Alex again on Tommy was just icing on the cake.

Alex is a fantastic singer, and a wonderful friend. He is always there, to meet me for lunch, to distract me from life, or to listen to me complain about something that probably is not that big of a deal in the long run, but he listens anyway. He is a musical theatre genius, and pretty much his own Lincoln Center Archive, with a recording or video of almost every musical ever performed! He also knows anything about musicals past, present and future (yes, even future--he's to the minute on the behind the scenes gossip)! He is always the first to congratulate me on my successes and console me after casting losses or missed opportunities.

I have a wonderful memory of Alex singing with me for The DBF's Birthday Celebration last year. The DBF has said on numerous occasions that I should never buy him anything because the only thing he wants is to hear me sing (He is the dearest of the Dear Boy Friends, is he not?). So for his birthday last year I arranged a private concert, and enlisted the help of some friends (Nathan, Natalie and Alex). He is always game. No idea is not worth exploring and he is amazingly gifted and talented, and a truly superb singer!

I am not sure he knows how fabulous he is. But I do. And now the world does! Or at least the 4 people who read my blog. ;)

I am a fan. And I am glad he is on my team.

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