Sunday, October 3, 2010

An Ode to Natalie Newman

My dear friend Natalie Newman and I also met during the 3rd installment of The Spitfire Grill at Mill Mountain Theatre in Roanoke, VA. If you're keeping score the only one without representation is the first one, in Memphis, TN. Step up to the plate, Memphis! ;)
Natalie and I at Magnolia Bakery in West Village

Natalie played Percy, and on stage we were best friends, and she remains to this day one of my best friends. I know I say this about all my friends, but she truly is amazingly talented. A true tripple threat, she can dance, act and sing, and she works all the time! In fact, that may be her only "fault" because she leaves town too much! I get lonely!

Natalie is dedicated, resilient, focused and ready for anything. No matter what the idea, Nataie is always game to try anything once! And I love that she isn't afraid of walking. When I suggest we walk from Chinatown across the Brooklyn Bridge to go see a movie, she doesn't flinch or think twice. Natalie experiences life through a very active and participatory way of living it! She's fun to be around, and she makes you want to enjoy your life more.

What I love about Natalie is no idea is not worth a shot. When I ask "Wanna come over and help me make zucchini bread, eat leftovers and watch reality tv?" She always has an enthusiastic response of "Yea!".

Natalie and I share obviously a love for theatre and not sitting still, but she is also a deeply spiritual person, so it's a wonderful gift to connect on that level as well. She is a rock of a friend. You know you can call on her: anytime, anywhere. She will not judge you, and she will not get bored with your stories or process. She is patient and kind.

I am very grateful for Miss Natalie and I'm honored that she chose to help me with the marathon by her donation. And I wish she would book a Broadway show so she would stop leaving town and hang out with me more often! Sounds good.
Yippee! Having fun in Roanoke!

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