Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Ode to David Perlman

One of the beautiful things about being a professional actor is that everyone knows everyone! And I "knew" David long before I actually really knew him.

Okay, first and foremost, can we just state the obvious:

What a cutie patootie!

David is such a hottie.

He is also:
--a superb actor and singer
--a fiercely loyal friend
--a funny and witty conversationalist
--a serious reality TV afficionado

So I met David on a trip to NYC long before I moved here, because he's good friends with my longest-time actor friends, Jeff Blumenkrantz (more on him to come later)! I've known Jeff since I was 11! So I "met" David for one night in his beautiful apartment in Chelsea, and I was super intimidated (I mean, he's such a cutie patootie, he's got a beautiful apartment, a well established New York career while I was struggling in the regional theatre circuit, and he was way more versed in American Idol than I could even try to be!)

Long story short, years later I move to NYC and in my second show, The Who's Tommy, David ends up playing my nephew! (Okay, let's not do the math that in real life I think I'm about 2 years older than him...) It was such an honor to be in a show with him. Always prepared, focused, interesting and wonderfully creative, quirky and smart. I loved sharing what little stage time we had together, but more than anything, I loved seeing him in his super awesome red leather trench coat!
David played sadistic Cousin Kevin in a likeable, funky and too cool for school, twisted way, and he was a huge asset to that production.

He has continued to work almost constantly, and I am always in awe of his perseverance, focus, determination and work ethic. I am honored too that he and I are a part of the same Career Group (once a week a group of actors get together to discuss challenges and opportunities in our careers, and seek advice, help and encouragement. Kinda like a weekly staff meeting, kinda like free therapy!) But all of you reading should bookmark David's website because he is going to be a name you'll hear. You may have also seen him on 30 Rock this past season?

I am honored to call him co-worker, and now I am also honored to call him a good friend. Thank you for everything, David, especially your constant support!

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