Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Ode to Jen Perkins

I am so in love with my dear friend Jen "Perfect" Perkins. Jen and I met during my pre-move to NYC time when I was living at home with my parents and working full time in cosmetics at a department store. I was the business manager for Lancome and she was the business manager for Estee Lauder. She had been with the company and held her position for far longer than I, and in the beginning I constantly was asking her for advice. In some ways I think I got most of my on the job training from Jen. We were just about exactly the same age, both tall, and both good at our jobs and ambitious. (One of the hard things about cosmetics is there can be quite a lot of turnover in employment, so finding a fellow employee who really cares about your treatment penetration into total business in comparison to last year is a kindred spirit).

A host of cosmetics girls (notice the glowing skin): Nadia, Jen, me, Carrie and Megan

But my favorite things about Jen are that we share a world-view outside of work as well. Jen can truly appreciate the brilliance of a dive bar with cheap beer, an afternoon spent sunbathing on the lake, and the awesomeness of a years worth of free buffalo wings from Buffalo Wild Wings.

Jen just a few months ago gave birth to a stunningly beautiful baby girl, Veronica, with her loving husband Jerry by her side (and her neurotic and spastic chihuahua Renegade at home!). Jen and Jerry have always been two of my favorite people, and I can't think of anything better than another little version of them in this world.

Tell me this isn't one stunning child, I dare you!

Unfortunately for Estee Lauder, Jen no longer works as a business manager for them. But fortunatetly for Lancome, Jen was promoted to Account Coordinator for that amazing (and in my humble opinion superior!) Brand and represents counters across the midwest. She is amazing at her job, and I would not be surprised to see her continue to climb up the glamorous cosmetics corporate ladder.

She is a classy lady and a devoted friend, and I am so honored and grateful for her support as I undertake this crazy marathon experience!

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