Thursday, September 23, 2010

An Ode to David E. Shane

My second David donation! (I have three more David friends on facebook... not that anyone is counting!)
The wonderful, talented and always working David E. Shane!

I met David at the same time I worked with Megan, so he is another wonderful example of how great things come in some of the most unlikely places. Like contracts that make you cry all the time and want to stop being an actor for almost two years. ;)

David is yet another cutie patootie, and so funny and talented. He's a superb singer, a great actor, and now even becoming a fantastic director (or so the rumor on the street tells me). The only bad thing about David is that he is always working! I feel like he's always out of town, and when he's back in the city I somehow always miss him!

This year David is also marrying his beau, Adam, and I could not be happier and more delighted to have known the two of them for so long. They are a beautiful couple and so caring and funny. There are some couples you just really love to be with, even if you're single or not with a significant other. David and Adam are like that.

So I am very grateful to David, and his other half. And when he's back in the city I hope we can find time to get cheap hot wings and beer, which we haven't done in... oh... two years?! How much beer and wings doe $26.20 get you??

(And then I'll run a marathon to burn off the calories!)

On the floor of The Theatre Which Shall Not Be Named Actor House with (clockwise from Red Head: Jaime Cepero, David Shane, Dennis Clark and Phil Name I Don't Remember Because We Are Not Friends On Facebook And We've Totally Lost Touch...)

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