Monday, September 20, 2010

An Ode to Megan Opalinksi

The lovely Miss Megan Opalinski was the first person to donate towards my $3000 goal for the NYC Marathon. With her smart and witty gift of $26.20 (a dollar for each mile, down to the cent!) she helped me get the ball rolling. And I thought I would share a bit about why I am so thankful for Megan.
Megan is fearless. Megan does not back down. Megan believes in what is Good and does not tolerate what is not-Good. She has an amazingly strong faith, but never judges or criticizes others who may think otherwise. She is warm and open and gentle. To know Megan is to be her friend. Even though we don't get to spend nearly enough time together, every time we do run in to each other or find the time to have lunch, it is always like seeing an old friend, and like no time has passed.

We met doing a non-Equity gig a few years ago in a town in middle of nowhere, America. (Names of theatres have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent!) In
my own personal history, I refer to this time as "The time when I broke". I was coming out of a time when everything had fallen to pieces, and I was too busy, too poor and too down in a dark place to find a sensible way out. I could barely make it through the day without crying at something, fragile like a bird who fell out of its nest. But the friends I made during that contract are some of the best friends I have to this day, and I think they saved me from a certain emptiness that certainly would have come without people like Megan in my life at that time. Megan was a rock. She would make me laugh, she would listen to my ranting and raging, and she was a consummate professional, each and every day. Even when the props department gave her a "violin bow" made out of masking tape (that wasn't even taut), she just laughed, made a joke, and went on stage.

Did I mention the girl can SING?! And she can! She's my favorite kind of singer--a SMART singer! Classically trained with a huge range and a fierce belt, she can make you laugh while cracking jokes or sing sweetly to make you remember why life is so beautiful.

So I am thankful for Miss Megan Opalinski! I am blessed to have a friend like you!

(why we were making this face, I don't know...?)


  1. That was beautiful. You both are beautiful.

  2. thank you. I am blown away and speechless, and that is saying A LOT! ;-) How blessed am I to have those kind words written about me? very!