Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gotta suck it up.

So I didn’t go on a run this morning either. Woops. It hit over 102 degrees yesterday in NYC and today is going to be another hot and humid one. Yesterday I thought “oh, I’ll go to the gym”, but of course I didn’t. It was just way too hot to bother leaving the house. So today I must. I can’t just skip two days of Week 1. And I eventually have to give up my fear of the Dreadmill.

I just hate the idea of running in place. It makes me bored just thinking about it. I keep trying to remind myself that I don’t actually have to run for very long. Today should have been a 5 mile run, so less than 50 minutes. I can do that? Right. Right. I think so.

I have eaten like crap for the past few days. Is it the laziness that the heat inspires that then makes you want to just eat and eat and eat? I need to go grocery shopping to make sure I have good food in the house, but also because I can’t be bothered to do anything that required heat to cook! I don’t want to turn on the stove, oven, anything. I suppose the microwave might be okay, but I felt so lazy yesterday even the idea of microwaving seemed like a waste of energy.

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