Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who knew?

That if I go on a run when it's 87 degrees and the humidity is relatively low, that you won't die?!

AND that most of the Onassis Reservoir Bridle Path in Central Park is shaded? This is very good news, people, because it means I don't have to totally ignore running past 8am.

So I went on a run, a little over 6 miles, from 5pm-6pm. I purposefully went really slowly, and also stopped three times for water. I was trying really hard to make sure that I didn't get over heated, or pass out. And I knew I was way under-hydrated, so I knew taking it easy was the way to go.

And well, kids, here's the thing--speed work (or in my case, heart rate training which I do through speed work) totally works! I ran 6.5 miles at a 9:14 pace, which is WAY faster than I've ever run a "long" run. I can't really say for sure how fast it was, since I know my Nike+ is a little off. But I was way impressed with myself. It was a good run.

I'm glad that I enjoyed my run. I'm glad running in the afternoon is sometimes an option. I love it. I love running.

I love this new version of me. On my run today I had a flashback to last summer... I was in a much different place, and certainly never thought I'd be running around Central Park for 6 miles in 87 degree heat. I love my life.

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