Monday, July 26, 2010

Tea in Bed

I think if I could spend every morning crawling back into bed with a cup of tea and waiting patiently for the desire to really get my day started, those would all be good days.

On the suggestion of the DBF I decided to take today off. It means I'm still a little off track for my week of workouts, but it also means I've had a day off in the past 6, which is necessary. I think instead of trying to makeup today's 3 mile run, I'm just going to skip it and head straight to tomorrow's 6 mile run. That way I'll be back on track and right on schedule.

I worked out twice at the gym this weekend, which is almost a new record. Not sure why I despise it so much, since I used to really enjoy going to my gym in Minnesota. Granted that was a nicer gym, but a treadmill is a treadmill, for the most part. I enjoyed doing my heart rate training. Susan asked more specifically what this is, and basically I use the results from a Metabolic Assessment Profile, which tells me how I burn calories at each heart rate level, to start from my 1st Heart Rate Zone and then travel up to my Anaerobic Threshold. I need to have the test redone, because I'm sure my body is more efficient than it was when I tested almost 3 years ago now, but it's probably still roughly the same. It is basically speed work as a runner, but it also happens to train my heart rate at the same time. Your goal is to get your heart rate to respond to the energy you put out. Instead of just staying high after you've worked hard to exert yourself and not dropping. I'm proud to say that now my heart rate does drop. Not immediately, but I can tell a huge difference since when I first started working out with my heart rate monitor, and even when I first started running.

Saturdays workout was great, and Sundays was a little bit slower. All the more reason I think I need a day off. I woke up at 6am without my alarm, and fell back asleep until about 6:30... and I'm just taking my time. Mr. Sloane (the kitty) thinks that now is a great time to snuggle. And I may have to concur.

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