Friday, June 18, 2010

Bad run. Good day.

So yesterday's run was awful.

I tried to get in a 5 mile run at the end of the day. And it just wasn't happening. Around 2.5 miles I looked down at my feet and suddenly felt like I didn't know which way was up, and got very dizzy. I shrugged it off and kept running, but then a few seconds later it happened again. Immediately I stopped running, walked out of the park (about 30 yards) to the nearest grocery store/bodega and grabbed a banana, a piece of chocolate and a huge bottle of water, and then just turned around to walk home. I felt a little sad, but mostly relieved that I didn't pass out in the middle of the park...

FYI: there are TONS of runners in the park at night! I rarely go at night, and the morning crowd during the week isn't nearly so diverse and large.

So why was I so out of it? Well, one thing, I think I barely had eaten over 1000 calories by that point in the day. Woops. When I'm on the run I tend to eat much healthier than I do when I'm sitting on my butt doing nothing. But the problem being, I eat an apple here, some carrots there, maybe grab a peach. But the sum total of those little things throughout the day do not constitute enough fuel for a long run, as well as the long day I had. Here's how it went down:

5:45 wake up
6:45 take Subway down to 50th street and stand in the street waiting to be let into the building for the Westchester Broadway Theatre Jekyll and Hyde EPA
9:00 EPA sign up starts and I hope to get out of the there soon enough to make it to Lincoln Center to teac
9:10 grab a $10 cab to Lincoln Center Hands On for my regular 2 Thursday classes
11:30 assume I have two free hours to work on my day's auditions, but two random parents "Drop in" so have another, unplanned class. This is something that rarely happens but it merely an annoyance when it does.
12:10 class ends. Have 25 minutes of prep time
12:35 Take subway down to Chelsea for a callback for a casino commercial. Change clothes from appropriate preschool music teacher garb to black cocktail dress, upscale Manhattan woman on a weekend away with her husband playing blackjack.
1:00 Pretend to play (and win) at blackjack on camera. In cocktail dress and heels.
1:15 change clothes and head east, then grab another Subway uptown
2:00 make an appearance at my Eastside Studio's book signing event with the author of the books our current semester's program is based on. It's not required I be there, but I am, and it turns out I'm running the show. Luckily I know everyone.
2:45 head back west to the Subway and catch the train going downtown back to 54th street. While walking across the park, memorize lines for third (and final) audition of the day.
3:35 Arrive, check in and change clothes (high waisted, very tight black pencil skirt with icy blue, ruffled short sleeved blouse: hint of Victorian, hint of sexy, very proper), and line up for 3:50 appointment
3:50 Sing
3:55 Change clothes back to street wear and grab subway down to West Village
4:30 check in for a role of "Mayor" in an upcoming news skit for Onion News Network
4:31 Realize all the other women there for "Mayor" are WAAAAY older than me (in their 50s) and dressed in god-awful suits.
4:40 read for "Mayor" on camera with casting director. Get a note. Read again. CD praises my work, but then says "You know, I would love it if you could read for a different character".
4:50 Get new sides for Susan, a beautiful reporter who has been kidnapped by the Taliban. (Now THAT's more like it!)
4:55 Read for Susan who is pleading for her life. (It sounds funny, right? ummm...)
5:00 head back towards Subway to head home.
5:45 arrive back in my own apartment. Change clothes, apply sunscreen and get ready for a run.
6:30 leave for run
a little before 7:00-- start feeling faint.

So that's why you should eat more children!

In other news. While on my run/walk, I saw a man propose to his girlfriend. He set up a beautiful table, balloons and flowers in the park with champagne. I saw him kneel and I hear her squeal with delight. I'm assuming she said yes. I saw a bunch of high schoolers dressed in formal wear taking pictures. It was a great little time in the park.

Off to work!

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  1. Somehow this makes my day taking care of children with cancer sound boring and uneventful, hahahaha. :)