Thursday, June 24, 2010


You better work.

I have been so lax on my training this week. And why? It's been ridiculously hot! And you all know how much I hate the gym...

This morning I dragged myself out of bed at 6am for a morning run, but it was already 83 degrees. I suppose it's better than later in the day because the sun isn't so high, blah blah blah, but it's mostly just annoyingly hot. I got a good 4 miles in at an 8:45 pace. I'm home now, doing pushups. Week 3 is killing me. Partially because it's a big step up. Partially because I haven't done any... well... in almost a week. I think this means the coming week will have to be another repeat week. Week 3 (Part Deux).

In other news: I only had my tea in the morning yesterday as far as caffeine needs, and I ended up sleeping VERY well! Yay! So that was very much needed, and a step in the right direction.

Also, I went to Target yesterday and purchase a pair of running shorts, a running tank and a new sports bra (recommended to me by the woman at Jack Rabbit). I'm trying to find links online and I just can't seem to locate them. The great thing is that the bra, by Champion, is sized like real bra sizes, so I was able to get a 36B, and opposed to a Small or Medium (I mean, what size is that, really?) I wore my outfit this morning and it was great. Meshy tank, meshy shorts, good bra. Can definitely say I didn't think about my clothes once, except to maybe thing about how awesome I looked. :) I'm going to have to keep my tabs on Target. Maybe once a month I can head up to the one in the Bronx (closest to my house) and buy another run-tastic outfit. It'd be nice to slowly start replacing my old, crappy workout clothes. The worn out sports bras especially.

More thoughts to come, but must shower and get ready for work!

(I also saw ducklings this morning at the Harlem Meer. Quack!)

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